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344 Elgin Street Mission

Walden Lions donate to Soup Kitchen and Elgin MissionIn the true spirit of what Lions Clubs International say is “guided by kindness to serve our communities and world in times of need” the Walden Lions this past week have donated $2,000 each to the Blue Door Soup Kitchen and the Elgin StreetMission in Sudbury.

“We are a community-based organization that believes in helping out,” said Walden Lions president, Mark Evans. “Our motto is ‘We serve’.”

Evans reported that in this past year, Walden Lions have participated in the Anderson Fall Fair, Coldest Night of the Year, Walden Winter Carnival, a food drive for the Walden Food Bank, volunteered to sell tickets for the Canadian Hard of Hearing Home lottery, put on a pancake breakfast in Walden, an Easter egg hunt in Walden, among many other activities.

Walden Lions said the club is always pleased welcome new members. There are more than a dozen Lions Clubs in Sudbury/Espanola area and more than 1.4 million men and women members in 200 countries worldwide.

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