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  • Laundry facilities are available during open hours of  the mission, except on Thursday during the day, for staff only.


  • Shower & bath facilities are provided to clients daily with towels and toiletries.


  • Clothing room is open according to need, provided there are staff or volunteers available. We have clothing, coats, boots, blankets, sheet sets, shoes, belts, hats, mittens, purses and most necessities. See the wall by the clothing room for the current monthly schedule.
  • 14 good meals a week are provided. Breakfast and supper are served daily, homemade cooking prepared with care from staff and volunteers to help give a good healthy balanced meal.


  • Drop in services. You can sit and have a cup of tea or coffee, chat with our chaplain/director or do laundry, pick out some needed clothes, join a bible study, but overall we are here to help encourage or direct to proper angencies if needed.


  • Special Holiday functions are a time to share and enjoy special Holiday meals with gift bags, toys for the little ones, singing Christmas Carols, and musicians playing festive songs through out the evening filling the room with Holiday spirit.
  • Counselling services are available weekly by booking appointment with administrator, according to availability.


  • Pastoral and Chaplaincy services can be arranged by calling the administrator office. We also have church services every Sunday at 3pm.


  • Bible studies are available one on one or with a group, for more information you can contact us at the mission.



Feed the hungry, cloth the needy, uplift the downtrodden