Feed the hungry, cloth the needy, uplift the downtrodden

Elgin Street Mission has been on the frontlines of the war on poverty in Sudbury since 1989. It has seen continued growth in service and favour within the Sudbury community.

A wide array of services are provided to address both daily and critical needs of Mission patrons.

  • Healthy home cooked daily meals (breakfast and supper)

  • Laundry facilities available during open hours

  • Shower facilities with towels and toiletries

  • Clothing / footwear / coats / blankets / necessities

  • Haircuts with weekly schedule

  • Phone / fax services for special needs with staff supervision

  • Access to furniture / appliances (as available) through agency partners

  • Advocacy for patrons

  • Drop-in services to lift up and encourage

  • Referral services to community agencies

  • Special Holiday functions with meals, gifts, music

  • Pastoral and Chaplaincy services

Reasons for Homelessness

  • Housing (fire/foreclosure/eviction)

  • Health (addictions/mental illness/disabilities)

  • Economic (loss of job/income)

  • Family (domestic violence/household disputes)

  • Other reasons


Written by a former patron of Elgin Street Mission

There’s a craving in my mind I can’t hold back
I am helplessly lost , my life’s out of wack
I am scared of whatever but never won’t end.
I am wasted at last , the high is my friend

I choose not to remember the past I hide
The future will commence it will not deny
Clenching to life but the drug it fears
The needle is sharper than the skin it pierced

Caught up in a surging revolving habit,
Back and forth like an untamed rabbit
So wound up in a messy tradition
Sparing no time for h20 or nutrition,

Creating a limit that would expel a life,
Sensors seem sharp but as dull as a butter knife
Standard of living hits an all time low,
Lying and cheating so no one will know.

Each morning I awake begins a new life mission
To find a way to feed a hungry ambition
Awaiting the moment to strike for the cause
Paranoia drops in with a raging applause

Finally at last the hook breaks free
Dropping the body into a washed up sea
The hidden has become a visual sight ,
Repairing the damage will become a lifelong fight.

Daniel Dawson
1967 – 2009