Elgin Street Mission was founded in 1989 and since 2005 has shared a home in the Samaritan Centre providing a sure  hope based on compassion. The Mission has seen continued growth in service and favour with the Sudbury community  as it provides physical, emotional and spiritual nourishment to all who enter its doors.

The Mission is a Christian based non-profit, non-political registered charity funded by donations from individuals, businesses and churches. It does not receive any regular government or city funding but functions through the generosity of its community partners. This support enables us to offer valuable services at no cost to our patrons.

The Mission provides two meals a day (breakfast & supper) each day of the year (90, 000 meals yearly) as well as clothing , showers , laundry facilities and a safe refuge in times of need. Individuals and families can also access counselling services, spiritual development and referrals in a non-judgemental community atmosphere.


Although hope begins with a meal  the Mission’s goal is not just to feed the poor, but by God’s transformational power to change lives by bringing hope and purpose for a new beginning to those impacted by poverty.


  • Kari Jakola – chairman

  • Michael Gregory – treasurer

  • Bill Meade – director

  • Todd Manual – director

  • Bill Mason – director

  • George Geddes – director

  • Gary Newbury – director


Elgin Street Mission  proclaims the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of men , women and children.

The Mission serves everyone in our community regardless of ethnicity, religion, economic status, sexual orientation or social condition.

How God used the Elgin St Mission to help change one man’s life

In 1999, while living in Parry Sound, Gerry accepted Jesus as his Lord and Saviour and was baptised in Georgian Bay. He found himself walking the streets of Parry Sound with one dollar in his pocket. He was suffering for epilepsy and was prone to seizures. He prayed to God for help and his prayer was answered.

A friend asked Gerry to help him move to Sudbury, he refused saying he was too busy. He was asked a second time to help and again he refused. The third time he was asked, he turned to God and said ok Lord I guess you want me to go to Sudbury. Gerry helped his friend move and he didn’t look back.

He found a room on Lloyd St. and made his way to the Elgin St Mission where he ate supper every night. Having nothing to do, he soon started volunteering at the Mission.

A new director was hired to run the Mission. He met Gerry and after a brief conversation, Gerry was offered a job as Day Time Co-ordinator, which he gratefully accepted. Gerry was starting a new life, but he still had epilepsy which was not under control. He had a seizure one afternoon while working and was taken to hospital by ambulance. The ambulance attendant asked him why he had a big smile on his face. His reply, “this is my last seizure God has cured me”. Gerry has been seizure free ever since. He was able to get his drivers’ license and is still taking medication so he can remain seizure free.

Today Gerry is working full time as the day time Co-ordinator. He has a number of duties which keep him busy. He never refuses a request for help.

He attends Glad Tidings Church where he ushers and has never missed a shift at the Sunday morning or evening service. Gerry is quick to give God all the glory for showing him the way to the Elgin St. Mission and the people that were there to help him change his life.

Gerry Smiling

Expand your footprint in our community and give hope to a homeless neighbour.
Invest in others. No one should be left behind.